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1MHz 3A Synchronous Step-Down Switching Regulator
  - Wide Input Supply Voltage Range (4.5V~16V)
- 0.8 V, 2% Accuracy Reference
- Continuous Loading : 3 A
- Adjustable Switching Frequency 500kHz~1.5MHz Set By External Resistor
- Dedicated Enable for Each Buck
- External Enable/Sequencing and Soft Start Pins
- Built-In Cycle By Cycle Current Limit
- Soft Start Pins
- Power Good
- QFN Package, 40-Pin 6mm x 6mm
  The TJ65251 features three synchronous wide input range high efficiency buck converters. The converters are designed to simplify its application while giving the designer the option to optimize their usage according to the target application.
The converters can operate in 5, 9, 12 or 15V systems and have integrated power transistors. The output voltage can be set externally using a resistor divider to any value between 0.8 V and close to the input supply. Each converter features enable pin that allows a delayed start-up for sequencing purposes, soft start pin that allows adjustable soft-start time by choosing the soft-start capacitor.
The switching frequency of the converters can either be set with an external resistor connected to REXT pin. The switching regulators are designed to operate from 500 kHz to 1.5 MHz. TJ65251 features a supervisor circuit that monitors each converter output. The PGOOD pin is asserted once sequencing is done, all PG signals are reported and a selectable end of reset time lapses. The polarity of the PGOOD signal is active high.
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