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TVS Diode Array
  - 300 Watts Peak Pulse Power (tp = 8/20 µs)
- Transient Protection for Data & Power Lines to
   IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD) ±15kV (Air), ±8kV (Contact)
- Dual Common Anode TVS
- Protects One Bidirectional Line or Two Unidirectional Lines
- Low Clamping Voltage
  The SM05 of transient voltage suppressors (TVS) is designed to protect components which are connected to data and transmission lines from voltage surges caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD), electrical fast transients (EFT), and lightning.
TVS diodes are characterized by their high surge capability, low operating and clamping voltages, and fast response time. This makes them ideal for used as board level protection of sensitive semiconductor compoenets. The dual-junction common-anode design allows the user to protect one bidirectional data line of two unidirectional lines.
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