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  - Guaranteed Output Current of 3.0A
- Very Low Dropout Voltage
- 1% Initial Accuracy
- Good Line and Load Regulation
- Fast Transient Response
- Adjustable Output Voltage up to 15V
- TTL/CMOS Compatible Enable Logic
- Over-Temperature/Over-Current Protection
- −40°C to 125°C Junction Temperature Range
- Available in TO-263-5L Package
- Moisture Sensitivity Level 3
  The TPS75701 is 3.0A low-dropout linear voltage regulators that provide a low voltage, high-current output with a minimum of external components. The TPS75701 offers extremely low dropout (typically 400mV at 3.0A) and low ground current (typically 36mA at 3.0A).
The TPS75701 is ideal for PC add-in cards that need to convert from standard 5V or 3.3V down to new, lower core voltages. A guaranteed maximum dropout voltage of 500mV over all operating conditions allows the TPS75701 to provide 2.5V from a supply as low as 3V. The TPS75701 also has fast transient response for heavy switching applications. The device requires only 47µF of output capacitance to maintain stability and achieve fast transient response. The TPS75701 is fully protected with over current limiting, thermal shutdown, reversed-battery protection, reversed-leakage protection, and reversed-lead insertion. The TPS75701 offers a TTL-logic compatible enable pin. The TPS75701 comes in the TO-263 package and is an ideal upgrade to older, NPN-based linear voltage regulators.
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