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  - High accuracy output voltage
- Guaranteed 100 mA output
- Very low quiescent current
- Extremely tight load and line regulation
- Very low temperature coefficient
- Current and thermal limiting
- Low dropout voltage
- Need only 1uF for stability
- Error flag warns of output dropout
- Logi-control electronic shutdown
- Output programmable from 1.24 to 29V
- Moisture Sensitivity Level 3
  The LM2950/1 is a low power voltage regulator. This device excellent choice for use in battery powered application such as cordless telephone, radio control systems, and portable computers. The LM2950/1 features very low quiescent current (75 Typ.) and very low drop output voltage (Typ. 400 at light load and 380 at 100). This includes a tight initial tolerance of 0.5% Typ., extremely good load and line regulation of 0.05% Typ., andvery low output temperature coefficient, making the LM2950/1 useful as a low-power voltage reference. The error flag output feature is used as power-on reset for warn of a low output voltage, due to following batteries on input. Other feature is the logic-compatible shutdown input which enable the regulator to be switched on and off. The LM2950/1 is available in 8-pin plastic packages. The regulator output voltage may be pin-strapped for a -XX volt or programmed from 1.24 volt to 29 volts with external pair of resistors. The LM2950/1 is offered in 3-pin to-92 package compatible with other fixed regulator.
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