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2000. May.
Foundation of TAEJIN Technology
Start producing Voltage Regulator ICs
"HTC Korea" Brand Registration
2001. Mar.
Instituting CMOS R&D Center in Korea
2002. Aug.
Opening Sales Office in Shenzhen, China
2002. Dec.
ISO 9001 Authentication
2003. Sep.
Korea Venture Company Authentication
2004. Jul.
TL432 Patent Registration
(KIPO No. : 0442936)
2004. Dec.
LM1117S-X.X Patent Registration
(KIPO No. : 0456194)
2005. Oct.
TL431 Patent Registration
(KIPO No. : 0523799)
2005. Dec.
Setting up Bipolar R&D Center in Russia
2006. Jul.
INNO-BIZ Certificates (Grade : Aa)
2006. Aug.
Switching control Regulator circuit for generating ofstability voltage Patent Registration (KIPO No. : 10-0617966)
2006. Sep.
Setting up Sales Office in Shanghai, China
2006. Sep.
Nominated as Specialized Components & Materials Company by Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy
2006. Nov.
TJ3965's winning a prize at 7th Semiconductor Engineering Contest
2007. Jan.
TJ3965 Patent Registration (KIPO No.10-0665454)
2007. Apr.
TJ3965 Selected as New Excellent Technology by Korean Ministry of Science and Technology.
2007. Jun.
Participating Korean Gov's Enterprise for Developing Technology of Component & Materials, and Attracting Investment of USD 2 mil.
2007. Nov.
ISO14001 Authentication
2007. Nov.
Applying for International Patent in Japan (Trimming Free - 2007-301056 / Low Vol. ULDO- 2007-301057)
2007. Nov.
Setting up Sales Office in Osaka, Japan
2007. Dec.
Applying for International Patent in U.S.A.
2008. Mar.
Setting up Sales Office in Taipei, Taiwan
2008. Mar.
Regulator circuit for generating of stability voltage Patent Registration (KIPO No. : 10-0813200)
2008. Jun.
Regulator circuit for generating stability voltage Patent Registration (KIPO No. : 10-0836529)
2008. Oct.
Setting up Sales Office in Beijing, China
2008. Oct.
High-Tech Company designated by Korea Ministry of Science and Technology
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