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  - Over 90% Efficiency
- 10V to 600V Input Range
- Constant Current LED Driver
- Applications from a few mA to more than 1A output
- LED String From One to Hundreds of Diodes
- Linear and PWM Dimming Capability
- Input Voltage Surge Ratings up to 600V
- Moisture Sensitivity Level 3
  The TJ9910 is a PWM high-efficiency LED driver control IC.
It allows efficient operation of high-brightness (HB) LEDs from voltage sources ranging from 10VDC up to 600VDC.
TJ9910 controls an external MOSFET at fixed switching frequencies up to 300 kHz. The frequency can be programmed using a single resistor.
The LED string is driven at a constant current rather than a constant voltage, thus providing a constant light output and an enhanced reliability. The output current can be programmed between a few milliamps and up to more than 1.0A. TJ9910 uses a rugged high-voltage junction isolated process that can withstand an input voltage surge up to 600V. The output current to a LED string can be programmed to any value between zero and its maximum value by applying an external control voltage at the linear dimming control input of TJ9910. TJ9910 provides a low-frequency PWM dimming input that can accept an external control signal with a duty ratio of 0~100% and a frequency of up to a few kHz.
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