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  - 5.0A minimum guaranteed output current
- 400mV typical dropout voltage
  Ideal for 3.0V to 2.5V conversion
  Ideal for 2.5V to 1.8V or 1.5V conversion
- 1% initial accuracy
- Low ground current
- Current limiting and thermal shutdown
- Reversed-battery protection
- Reversed-leakage protection
- Fast transient response
- TTL/CMOS compatible enable pin - LM39501
- Error flag output - LM39501 only
- Ceramic capacitor stable (See application information)
- Adjustable version - LM39502 only
- Moisture Sensitivity Level 3
  The LM39500, LM39501 and LM39502 is a 5A low drop ?out linear voltage regulator that provides a low-voltage, high-current output with a minimum of external components. Utilizing Super beta PNP pass element. The LM39500 offers extremely low dropout (typically 400mV at 5A) and low ground current (typically 70mA at 5A).
The LM39500/1/2 is ideal for PC Add-In cards that need to convert from standard 5V or 3.3V, down to new, lower core voltages. A guaranteed maximum dropout voltage of 500mV over all operating allows the LM39500/1/2 to provide LM39500/1/2 to 2.5V from a supply as low as 3V. The LM39500 also has fast transient response, for heavy switching applications.
The device requires only 47F of output capacitance to maintain stability and achieve fast transient response. The LM39500/1/2 is fully protected with overcurrent limiting, thermal shutdown, reversed-battery and reversed-lead in-sertion protection.
The LM39501 offers a TTL-logic-compat-ible enable pin and an error flag that indicates undervoltage and overcurrent conditions.
The LM39500/1/2 comes in the TO-220 and TO-263 packages and is an ideal upgrade to older,NPN-based linear voltage regulators.
The LM39502 is adjustable version.
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